Are Computer Monitors
Harmful to Your Health?

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Radiation from cathode-ray tube screens

Blank VDTComputer and television screens, also used for video games, function on the same principle: like a fine jet of water projected against a wall, a beam of fast electrons sweep the fluorescent surface of the screen, where, point by point, it draws a luminous image. This would not be a problem if the energy from the electrons was limited to providing the image. But some of this energy escapes in the form of radiation at various frequencies, in particular VLF and ELF (very low frequency and extremely low frequency) fields. The spot of electrons which sweep the screen generates what scientists call PEMR (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which, at close range, disturbs the balance of all living cells. It has been established that the harmful effects of PEMR exist all around the screen, especially in front of and behind the tube, effects which persist several hours after the computer or TV set has been turned off.

The sensitivity of today's state-of-the-art measuring equipment is still considerably inferior to that of living cells (a difference of 109, i.e. a factor of one billion). As far back as 1991, Prof. Carl Blackman (USA) asked that results obtained on “biological models” be acknowledged since they are the only ones that are sensitive enough to demonstrate the harmful effects of the ELF produced by CRT screens on living beings.

Should we protect ourselves from computer and TV screens?

What if the CRT screen turns out to be one of the main culprits of many afflictions of modem civilisation, such as abnormal general fatigue, neuropsychological disorders, increased absenteeism, loss of productivity, declining ability to concentrate and to memorise, aggression and scholastic problems in prepubescent children, predisposition to dyslexia, and lowered spermatogenesis?

Doctors, scientists, politicians, teachers, and parents today worry about the major role played by CRT screens in our daily environment, in particular for children. We live in an age in which the number of satellite, telephone, and cable networks is on the increase and where the computer is king. Despite the rising popularity of the Internet (more readily available to larger segments of the population) and the risks connected to CRT screens, which are recognized by scientists, the possibility of harmful effects is only rarely mentioned, and more often, simply denied.

What about you?

If you work in front of a computer screen, often watch TV, or have children who watch TV and play videogames, and some of the symptoms mentioned above are familiar to you, EMF-Bioshield® will give you the protection you need.

Here are some important facts to remember:

1. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Radiation emitted by CRT-based screens or VDTs (Video Display Terminals) travels through absolutely everything: walls, lead, flesh, screen filters, etc.

Graph of double radiation bubbles2. A CRT-based VDT radiates as far as eight times its own diagonal, with the most intense emission at close range within a 110° cone area in front and back of the screen, meaning that if you're facing your own computer, and a colleague's computer is placed right behind you, you get hit twice by the PEMR.

3. A computer or TV screen that is switched off continues to radiate for several hours afterward, even if you pull the plug.

4. In view of these facts, it is recommended that you do not place a non-protected CRT-based VDT in a bedroom, a child's room, your workplace (if you can), a vehicle, behind a wall next to a bedroom, a living room, a hospital room, etc.

5. In all these situations, the next best choice is to protect yourself by installing an EMF-Bioshield® set on each video display terminal (computer or TV) in your house or office.

Our cells are affected

Several other problems have also been observed in people who spend more than four hours a day in close proximity to an unprotected VDT: stress, headaches, irritability, insomnia, eye strain, eyesight decline, abnormal general fatigue, decrease in productivity and in the natural resistance of the immune system, decline in libido, disorders in the menstrual cycle, and hormonal disturbances.

Even more disturbing is the fact that exposure to PEMR appears to be one of the causes of decrease in spermatogenesis. In rats, it has been proven that after being exposed to the radiation of cathode ray tube screens at a prepubescent stage, their neuro-endocrine development was severely affected. Many adult rats ended up sterile and their secretion of melatonin was significantly reduced.

An experiment carried out in Europe in 1998, published at the IEEE/EMBS World Congress in the same year, established that cultures of human testicular tissue, exposed to a CRT screen with ‘Low Radiation’ standard for twenty-four hours, have a cellular apoptosis (mortality) and sclerosis (degeneration) rate 300% greater than that of an unexposed control culture of the same human tissue, as well as that of an identical culture exposed to a similar computer screen equipped with the EMF-Bioshield® protection device.

We should remember that in the 1950s, couples worried about how not to have children. Today, many couples worry about how to have children. The cause of this distressing condition could be linked to the daily over-exposure to the PEMR generated by computer and TV screens.

Supporting evidence

In 1984, Professors Johansson and Aronsson (Sweden) established that after four hours in front of a cathode-ray tube screen, the normal curve of adrenaline (the stress hormone) excretion reverses itself Almost as if the body, under attack by the PEMR, was retaining its adrenaline to better face it. These researchers discovered that after several hours, a screen user is placed “under stress” by his screen and experiences a hormonal malfunction from the saturation of adrenaline. These studies were published by the WHO (World Health Organization) back in 1987.

In 1986, Professor Mikolajczyk (Poland) established that the female personnel of the Polish airline company LOT exposed to the PEMR of VDTs had a 125% increase in miscarriages compared to the female personnel who were not exposed to the radiation generated by computer screens.

In 1988, the French magazine Le Point published a report on the work of Dr Marilyn Goldhaber from the Kaiser Permanente Institute of California. Her study followed 1,783 women for three years and observed a 100% increase in miscarriages in those who spent more than twenty hours per week in front of a computer screen or television. The article added that their children had 40% more genetic defects than the “normal” average of those who did not work in front of a VDT.

Macworld cover, July 1990In July 1990, the American magazine Macworld published 19 pages on the subject of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Radiation emanating from cathode-ray screens in the articles “Is Your Computer Killing You?”, and “The Danger of Magnetic Fields”.

More recently in August, 1998, a group at NIEH (National Institute of Environmental Health) in the USA studied the effects on health of very low frequency electromagnetic fields (PEMR ELF/VLF 50/60 Hz) at the request of the American Congress. They concluded that there were possible carcinogenic effects for human beings.

What are the liabilities?

Principle of precaution: “Faced with the risk of serious and irreversible damages, we cannot wait until we have all the scientific evidence before taking measures. This is why the principle of precaution states that the absence of certainty must not delay action.” (CNRS Journal, France, [Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, i.e. National Center for Scientific Research], February 1998.)

Even if the public does not yet realise the extent of the problem, the insurance industry understands the urgency of the situation with regard to electro-magnetic fields and has already taken steps to protect itself against future claims.

In 1997, the Swiss Reinsurance Company, a top reinsurer worldwide (i.e. an insurer for insurers), published a 37 page report entitled “Electrosmog, a Phantom Risk”.

Extracts from this publication give an idea of the position of insurance companies and their clients as far as the third-party liability of employers is concerned:

“Electronic fog (sometimes called electrosmog) is suspected of provoking or promoting cancer or other illnesses. But most people consider that the producers of electricity or electrical equipment cannot be held responsible as long as a direct link of causality has not been scientifically established, namely evidence that low frequency electro-magnetic fields have a harmful impact on the human organism. This publication reaches the opposite conclusion. It shows that we must, from now on, based on current knowledge, expect that judges find in favour of the claimants.” [p. 4]

“If these interests triumph, the third-party liability complaints - present or future - concerning electro-magnetic fields could terminate in favour of the claimants and have fatal consequences for insurance companies. We can already expect phenomenal expense costs.” [p. 5]

“Concretely, insurance companies must endeavour to control the risks resulting from the past and conceive a creative and united method of controlling future third-party risks. The first and most urgent measure to be taken is to limit its own damages. For the insurance companies, that means re-examining existing contracts.” [p. 36]

“It would be desirable if, for their part, industry were to understand that the insurance companies cannot assume any risk whatever.” [p. 37]

A reliable solution exists

The EMF-Bioshield® protection system was perfected after many years of work and research on the sensitivity of biological models exposed to PEMR. Capping 10 years of labor, EMF-Bioshield® is the only protection system of its kind in the world today to be backed by 46 scientific communications published by the selection committees of 16 major international scientific and medical congresses. Moreover, EMF-Bioshield® is the only protection system whose manufacturer has received the ISO 9001: 2000 qualification for “Research, Development, Manufacture and Commercialisation of New Technologies and Products”.

The EMF-Bioshield® system, consisting of two mini-spheres of white polypropylene to be attached to the screen, uses the properties of electromagnetic resonance of rare earth elements (lanthanum, positions 58 to 71 of the Mendeleiev Periodic Table of Elements). As in acoustics, where it is easy to create silence by recycling the same sounds to be cancelled but reversed in phase, the elements contained in the EMF-Bioshield® mini-spheres oppose the biologically harmful screen frequencies with frequencies or the same form and amplitude, also reversed in phase. The result is called a counter-phase resonance, which eliminates all harmful biological effects. EMF-Bioshield® is thus the only protection system that works globally - guaranteeing the respect of the screen user's health at work or at home, irrespective of the position or size of the screen.

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